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Ever since I was a child I loved to draw, paint, and make jewelry. I attended High School of Art and Design in NYC and then RISD where I received my BFA in Illustration. I worked in NYC in publishing, editorial and advertising, but for fun... I always kept making jewelry.

close pyrite, abalone,laboradorite beadb



beadhappy gem
beadhappy gem
Beadboard w beads set up copy.JPG

In the 80s, when I was working at Pearl Paint Art store in downtown NYC, I collected

plastic neon pieces from a Canal Street vendor (sooo 1980s).My love for making fun accessories and jewelry began with those pieces.

The bead board (above center) helps in centering focal beads, setting up the length of the necklace, and verifying the design's symmetry.

 I LOVE working on my newest pieces. They are created with beach stones, beads, and resin. I am also experimenting with polymer clay. I enjoy the versatility of this medium. It can be made to look like stone, glass, metal, gemstones, and pottery. It can be stamped, carved, and painted. 

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